Lieder 77  

I was in my teens when the Punk scene emerged and I had already seen the likes of Bowie, Lou Reed and Roxy Music so engaged enthusiastically with what was happening.  I also had a passion for photography and was taking images of the environment that surrounded me.  Within a short while, along with a couple of friends, I formed a Fanzine titled  "Deviation Street" which was  named after Mick Farren's proto-punk band The Deviants, our creativity was raw and untutored but what did that matter?

 It was a very exciting time, that rebellious Punk DIY ethos meant that many events were  happening all over the place and at a grass roots level, making  it possible to see so many unknown and emerging bands. As the "Deviation Street" photographer I got to see the likes of Penetration, Warsaw, The Fall, The Ramones, Talking Heads and The Clash as well as a multitude of  lesser-known but equally inspiring  bands. I was so enthused, that I even became a lead vocalist for one or two combos myself.   

 Later, I would go on to study Art Therapy, Fine Art and Visual Culture. In 2015 it was suggested to me to by curator Fiona Cassidy to work with some of images that I had taken so long ago, it was a good idea that had not occurred to me. A new body of work ensued, exhibiting first at Salisbury Arts Centre, followed by 44AD Gallery Bath and Pound Arts Blue Sky Festival.

The Lieder 77 series continues to expand and evolve with signed open edition unframed  prints available in two sizes:

Large poster format  841  x 1149 cm £200

Standard 42 x 59.4cm £100

Framed editions are also available.  

                                                     F lying Saucer Attack

                         Thuderbuck Ram (Somethings gotta change) 


                                                     Pulled Up

                           Typical Girls 


                                                   A Man Of No Fortune & With A Name Too Come 


                           Rock n Roll