The inspiration for this series stems from the square format of the album cover. It's a form that appeals to Artists, Designers and Photographers alike and just as with the music they encase, everyone has their favourites, some of which strike us immediately whilst others evolve slowly to become treasured items over time.

My own work reflects  my eclectic taste in music be it jazz, folk, classical or punk.  I can be inspired to create on hearing  a piece of music or simply by reflecting on the words of song title. 

I am currently accepting commissions, contact me with either your own or a loved one's favourite track and I will develop it into a work of art. 

Available as 12 x 12 & 15 x 15 formats.  Unframed or Mounted  

 Whats Going On

 It's Gonna Take A Miracle

Making My Way In The World

 Red Rain

Peace of Mind 

The Way It Is

Go Ask Alice

Strange Days